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1. The UK has experienced a property boom over 

the past decade, and houses can be expensive. 

Know your budget, stick to it and shop around 

locations to ensure you are getting the best value 

for money.

2. Decide on an area and stay focused. 

Research thoroughly and try to picture yourself 

living there. Location is a crucial factor in your 

future happiness.

3. Have a flexible time scale. The housing market 

is vibrant here and if you lose out on a property, 

another one will be available. It will be very 

important for you to have a contingency plan 

such as the option of renting a property for a 

short time.

4. Prioritise your housing needs. It will be much 

easier for you to manage your search if you know 

the relative importance of being close to the 

shops, having off road parking, proximity to good 

schools, etc.

5. Use a specialist agency to conduct your initial 

search and develop your short list. If you live 

overseas from the UK then making repeat visits to 

view potential properties may be neither practical 

nor financially viable.

6. When you buy a property in the UK, depending on 

its price, you may have to pay a tax called stamp 

duty. How much stamp duty you pay depends 

on the price of the property. For example if you 

buy a home for under £125,000 you will pay no 

stamp duty whereas if your new home costs over 

£200,000, a 1% charge is added. Ensure you 

research how much you must pay before you 

agree to purchase the property.

7. Moving abroad with children can be a tough 

experience. Make sure you talk to them regularly 

about what is happening.

8. Pets are very sensitive to changes in the 

household. Prepare as well in advance for them 

as you would yourselves! Make sure you visit a 

vet well before the move who will carry out the 

necessary vaccinations and will be on hand to 

answer any concerns you may have.

9. Ask your lawyer to conduct a thorough 

investigation of the property before any contracts 

are signed. This is your new home, you don’t want 

to arrive to find that the roof is minutes from 

falling in!

10. Choose the right movers. Someone who is reliable 

and has experience of moving abroad. Research 

the company and check their reviews. Remember, 

it’s not just your possessions they will be looking 

after, it’s your life!

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